Digital + Culture = Creative Economy

South Africa

Update: Here’s what got built.

What happens when you get creative people, designers, software developers, managers, and business support together over an intensive weekend designed to address needs in new ways for the cultural sector? Culture Shift is where we find out.

Digital and mobile technology is changing the world around us all the time – it’s time to see how we can solve the challenges experienced by South Africa’s creative economy.

Culture Shift is a 6-month ideation and support program for innovators from the creative, commercial and digital sectors. Its overall objective is to develop and realise practical solutions for sustainable impact. Starting off with a 3-day Innovation Weekend on March 23rd to 25th, Culture Shift provides the vital tools to grow these solutions into viable businesses: R50,000 seed funding and mentoring by seasoned entrepreneurs and investors. During the Innovation Weekend, 35 participants will go through the following intensive process:

  • Friday 23rd March (from 2pm): Ideation Day | local needs analysis, idea generation and team formation
  • Saturday 24th: Hack Day | concept development and prototyping solutions
  • Sunday 25th: Pitching Day | pitch to investors and awards

Awardees will subsequently benefit from a 6-month ‘Mentoring & Fruition’ support program designed by the Hub Johannesburg, consisting of mentoring, building investor relations and opening opportunities through relevant networks. We already committed Stephen Rockman (founder Merism Capital, UK), James Baster (web developer & co-founder, Here’s a Hand, UK) to take part on the panel and for further mentoring. An upfront selection of participants will make sure the program generates the anticipated impact. Culture Shift is an international initiative and will take place in Johannesburg, Nairobi and Lagos. In association with the British Council and Social Innovation Camp

What’s in it for you?

  • Connect with inspiring like-minded people
  • Access to an Ideas Lab with impactful innovations
  • An opening to access seed funding and business mentoring
  • Access to a high-energy, collaborative and fun Innovation Weekend!

Who should participate?

  • Technologists, such as web and mobile app-developers
  • Social entrepreneurs and institutional changemakers
  • Creatives from the arts, design and cultural sectors.

As a participant you share the following characteristics:

  • You have a deep passion for your work
  • You are excellent at what you do
  • You are committed to making a positive impact on society.

Dates and times

02:00 PM, Friday, Mar 23 to 05:00 PM, Sunday, Mar 25

Sounds great! How do I get involved?

Get involved and sign up here.


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