Digital + Culture = Creative Economy


Update: here’s  what got built.

Video from the pitches can be seen here.

What happens when you get creative people, designers, software developers, managers, and business support together over an intensive weekend designed to address needs in new ways for the cultural sector? Culture Shift is where we find out.

Digital and mobile technology is changing the world around us all the time – it’s time to see how we can solve the challenges experienced by Kenya’s creative economy.

Culture Shift Kenya is an initiative to get the creative sector together with the digital sector to explore problems and create simple, practical solutions. The teams will come together with food, coffee, and some of Kenya’s best digital and creative talent to explore new ways to use digital and mobile solutions to support the needs of the cultural and creative economy.

We’ll come together to see what we can do together in 48 hours, from hacking together some software to building marketing and business plans, with expertise including digital creative Tim Kindberg of Matter2Media and Ryan Bowman of Circle Digital, Lecturer Siân Prime, of Goldsmiths University and the East African Entrepreneurship Diploma, Glen Mehn from Social Innovation Camp, and investor Stephen Rockman from Merism Capital.


29th-31st March, 2012


The iHub, Nairobi, Kenya


The British Council, in association with the iHub and Social Innovation Camp

Sounds great! How do I get involved?

Go sign up here.


11 thoughts on “Kenya

  1. Really cool idea, love it! Throw in some communication guys and you have the real deal 🙂

    How about crown off with participating in Earth Hour 2012, a global environmental event? This is on 31st March. See and contact me for the local event.

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  3. Max Ngari on said:

    Am in!!

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