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Culture Shift reaching Cairo!

The British Council’s Culture Shift event’s tour is reaching Cairo, Egypt in May 2012. After a great journey of exploration and innovation in Kenya, Nigeria and South Africa, we are looking forward to discover what Cairo has to offer.  No doubt it will be a rich experience of collaboration, exploration and initiation.

We are now receiving the applications as the deadline is on the 21st of April,2012. Already we’ve received a number of applications from a diverse range of interesting people, which implies that Cairo has the efficient caliber for the success of this event. We are excited to witness the amount of energy, creativity and productivity when all of these great minds collaborate to address different cultural challenges. The expected projects will be digitally based which is strongly connected to the evolvement of the technology era we’re living in.

In two weeks, magic will be happening in Cairo’s Culture Shift. Stay tuned.


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