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Culture Shift Cairo: The Ideas

Yesterday evening, 62 of Cairo’s best cultural and creative professionals, business folk, designers, and software & hardware makers came together. Most of them had never met before, but they’d sent in a list of issues, challenges, and opportunities for the creative and cultural sector in Egypt.

They worked ’til nearly midnight, doing a round of brainstorming on over 20 different topics, mixing and mashing up some and excluding others, coming up with 11 well-fleshed out ideas, and choosing 6 to work on at the weekend.

Their task will be to turn these ideas into a reality between 6PM on Thursday evening and 6PM on Saturday evening (For those outside of the Arab world, Friday and Saturday is the weekend in Egypt).

These are the ideas that will be developed at over the weekend:

Melting Pot is an application to help people avoid cultural misunderstandings – a gesture that means “wait” in Egypt means something much more rude in Italy (and other things other places)

Bookscanner is going to combine Arabic-language book scanning technology with tools to create communities around reading – helping people find what they want to read next.

Creative Jam are building a connection platform for artists to collaborate with each other as well as share contacts with agencies, publishers, or other technical support.

Just Do It are tackling the problem of keeping creatives motivated, through building peer- and mentor-support communities.

Street Art investigates the use of public space for visual and performing arts, preserving and printing street art.

Egyptory provide contextual information on buildings, monuments, and mosques.

We’ll be posting photos on Facebook, tweeting from @bccultureshift, and tweeting on the hashtag #cultureshift as well as blogging here.


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