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Culture Shift Egypt starts this evening

We’re finalising preparations for Culture Shift Egypt, which starts at 1800 local time.

We’ve got a cracking list of 62 people who are coming, with a good balance between creative people, technical experts, and business brains.

We’ve done things a little differently in asking people to articulate some challenges and opportunities for the creative and cultural sector that they think are important, timely, or useful.

The Culture Shift Egypt team met up earlier and went through those, and we found a list of about 11 themes in common. The groups are going to narrow those 11 themes down to 6 that they’ll work on over this weekend to make real live projects and ventures out of these challenges.

Most of the panel who will be selecting the final winners will be in tonight, to offer some advice and encouragement. We’ve got a group of international and local mentors coming in to work with the teams…


It’s all about to kick off, and we’re excited about the next few days of sleepless nights and hard work to see what new ideas will come of this – a high standard was set in Nigeria, South Africa, and Kenya, but we’re confident that the six Egyptian teams will easily reach that standard.


Watch this space, our Twitter, our Facebook page, and the #CultureShift hashtag on twitter for updates throughout the weekend!


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