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What next?

As the dust settles on the three events in Kenya, Nigeria and South Africa, it’s time to think about what is next for the teams.

Firstly, take a week or two away and relax. These events are mentally hard work and it’s been some long days for everyone.

Have a meal or a drink with your team mates and chat about the experience, and what you like or don’t like about your final pitch. You’ll probably find after some time to think about it calmly, you’ll change some details.

As you decide what to do next, be honest about how much everyone can commit to the project. Let those who can carry on run with the project without hindrance – trust them to do the right thing.

Make sure there are no hard feelings between the team about what happens now as these could become problems later – especially if it’s going to be a profit based company.

Going forwards, there are no rules as to what happens next. You don’t have to follow what you said in your final pitch; take the idea and run with it. The journey is just beginning!


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