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Culture Shift Johannesburg – Day 1 and a half

We’ve just finished an excellent lunch by Soup Salad Sandwich, our excellent local, simple food caterer this weekend.

Culture Shift Johannesburg is deep into work. Yesterday, the teams did some ideas generation to generate 8 new ideas, and presented ideas they’d brought along. We used some Open Space to get teams a sense of the ideas and the potential of the people.

Walter Pike gave a talk on marketing for start-ups and new projects – including his experience bringing the Slutwalk to South Africa, and a talk about diving in and trying new things by Stafford Masie, including agreeing to invest R50,000 in projects as well. Exciting stuff.

An early morning start on day 2 ended up with choosing these 6 ideas to work on at the weekend:

–          Creative Culture Intervention – a platform to help people find cultural events

–          Wasuke Sukele – a framework to use QR codes to tell the rich stories of Johannesburg

–          Community Event Engine – helping connect events with venues

–          School in a Box – focuses on pre-school creative learning & preparation for reading

–          Business & the Arts Connect – helps artists find mentors in the community

–          Match SA – matches families from oppositely privileged backgrounds

We’ve had a round of board meetings with all teams, and are preparing for a second, shortly. Excited buzz is going on all round, teams have settled down, and everything’s cracking along, fuelled by tea, coffee, cooldrinks, and snacks.


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