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Culture Shift Lagos – results!

After a 2-day masterclass by Paul Gudgin, 12 Nigerian festival organisers and managers came together with a group of 45 of Nigeria’s best developers, designers, and business brains to build new solutions to six problems that festivals face, at the ccHub in Lagos, Nigeria.

We’ d firstly like to thank all six teams, and their members, for their hard work over the weekend and their willingness to take a leap of faith – the talent in the room was astounding, and we’d be happy to have it back in London or anywhere else in the world.

Here’s what they built:

The winners: efest

efest tackled the problem of understanding festival attendees so that you can improve your relationships with them. They’re going to tackle this by building a data analysis tool to track social media conversations about attendees including plugging in to existing databases and systems

Runner-up: Ingenious / Runner Pro

The Ingenious team were looking at new ways for stage managers, techs, and festival organisers to communicate in loud venues where walkie-talkies didn’t work – and they came up with an ingenious solution called Runner Pro. Runner Pro builds a private wifi network on which android or other java-enabled devices can communicate via text without having to go through public networks.

Runner up: FestiveHub

FestiveHub is a social media and content manager and scheduler- targeted at festival promoters and event organisers. With it, Festival Managers can easily manage a range of social media and press contacts, track the conversations, and eventually plan and implement press campaigns, social media campaigns, and manage coupons and promotions.


FestiveHub wanted to get more 16-35 year olds – 25% of Nigeria’s population, and the overwhelming users of social media – to attend festivals. Their solution entailed using facebook games with real and virtual prizes which would be built in concert with festival managers & organisers.


AllFest built a simple platform for small, local festivals (attendance under 10,000 people) to easily build simple websites & an email marketing platform, with their sights set on adding social media and SMS campaigns, as well as helping the users to arrange transport and hotel accommodation.


EventSieve is a tool for festival managers to write effective press releases and broadcast them to an opt-in list of press, bloggers, tweeters, and promoters. Their vision is of a simple, effective way to write your press copy and for those who promote festivals to have an easy way to get the right content.

The judging

As you can imagine, the decisions were difficult – we had nine excellent members of our judging panel with deep knowledge of IT, press, the cultural sector, and what it takes to build and invest in businesses. There was heated discussion and we hope that all six teams will continue, because the progress they made in just 56 hours was incredible.

The prizes

The winners will receive a cash infusion from the British Council to help make their projects a reality, as well as intensive “pre-incubation” business and IT support from the Co-Creaton Hub.

Special thanks

To the British Council in London and Nigeria (thanks Fusi, Tolu, and Ojoma!) who made this possible, to the Co-Creation Hub in Lagos for hosting, to our panel of judges, and to our expert help from the UK.

Thanks especially to Femi’ s wife- her patience while we took him away for their wedding anniversary and half of her birthday is legendary!


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