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Pitch Day

There is a unique energy in the room today.

This morning, Glen, Kelly & I were met by two participants outside the Co-Creation Hub, Nigeria and when prompted about how ready they were for today, the response we got was;

“Yeh, we’re going to win.”

Today is the third and final day of the British Council’s Culture Shift Nigeria project and that means pitch day. In under six hours, our teams will be presenting to a panel of judges and investors – three of these teams will secure a significant investment.

There’s been a special vibe all weekend, but today is different. The teams have rallied together, they seem confident, relaxed (mostly) and from those who I’ve spoke to, excited by the learning and journey they have been through.

It has been great to witness the groups willingness to share their experience and expertise. To jump into the deep end with both feet and to try something completely new. To explore the full spectrum of taking an idea to a point of investment, and working that through as a team. To see initial ideas wilt, and know this was part of the learning, then rally together to cultivate something new.

So as we close in on 3pm and get ready for the pitches I’m confident the panel will see some fantastic pitches, strong teams and investable ideas. There is however, plenty of time to do a bit more work…


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