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Culture Shift Lagos – Day 2


Sunday in Lagos for most people means church. This led to a slightly late start by some of the teams- though some members went to an earlier service in order to get in bright an early. By noon, however, teams were excited about their ideas and taking them into new and different directions.

We are seeing phenomenal energy and risk-taking and a great group of tough tough workers refusing to settle for less than perfection. We’ve learned some of the difficulties of operating in the Nigerian market, and some excellent support from the Co-Creation Hub staff. One staff member showed such dedication he only gave us half his Sunday – but it was his wife’s birthday.

Diving in and trying it out

The photo above shows a team of two who were replacing a pole that was knocked down in a storm – these two were working in an incredibly risky environment with minimal safety – an apt metaphor for our teams who were exploring unknown territory where there are no guides, fearlessly forging ahead into the dark unknown – we’re not going to tell you what they’re working on yet, because they may yet change what they’re doing.

In the news:

We had a series of board meetings with each of the six teams and they are coming along – with a range of business models and attacking different opportunities and challenges faced by festival managers.

Kelly and Andy posted their first thoughts on Day 1, in case you missed it, and our Twitter feed (#CultureShift) started to really pick up steam – we’ve picked up a bit of press in South Africa, and have a range of jealous friends watching us in London, Edinburgh, and around the world, and the Internet cooperated long enough for us to get our Facebook page up and some photos loaded – with more to come, soon.



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