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The issues – Nigeria

The Nigerian Culture Shift kicks off firmly tomorrow – Social Innovation Camp and the Co-Creation Hub took this afternoon at the end of the British Council’s programme on festivals management.

There was a lot of energy in the room, and the team were great at specifically articulating the issues and challenges faced by festival organisers, workers, and audiences. We’re excited to see the work that comes out of this.

Tomorrow morning at 9AM, fuelled by jollof rice, tea, and coffee, the teams will start working on these 5 problems:

1)     How can we amplify the social media conversations of our festival attendees?

2)     How can we collect better data to build stronger relationships with our audiences before, during, and after the festival?

3)     How can we help staff communicate effectively and promptly at busy venues where loud music prevents voice conversation?

4)     What kind of tools can help promote small, local festivals across Nigeria to increase their exposure and attendance?

5)     How can we get the right publicity, to the right audiences, at the right time, at a reasonable cost?

6)     How can festivals provide interesting information about the festival to the press & audience to boost  growth?

We’ve got a big group of really brilliant people, an excellent venue with brilliant people, plenty of tea, coffee, and energy to take these projects from articulating the issues through to coming up with clear ideas and building proof-of-concept solutions.

We’re using the hashtag #cultureshift on twitter; keep up with us on Twitter and here on this blog.


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