Digital + Culture = Creative Economy

Culture Shift – What we expect

We’re here on the ground in Lagos, where the Culture Shift programme will be focussed on festivals: developing digital tools for managers, audiences, and festival artists. We’re fortunate that we can tag on to the back of a master class by the excellent Paul Gudgin, who has done lots of work with festivals all round the world after getting his start in Edinburgh.

Most of the master class attendees (about 12 festival organisers) join 48 other digital, arts, and business professionals in just 48 hours’ time.

What’s going to happen?

The question is: what will they build? This is the question that I’ve been getting all day. The honest answer is: we don’t know. That’s what makes it exciting and innovative. We’ve done some similar things before, though, and we’ve got some ideas or inspiration.

A few examples of things that fit the Cultural and Creative Economy that fit the bill of what we’re looking for are:

Edinburgh Book Festival microsite

This is probably the classic design of what we’d imagine: This is a site that you can visit on a smartphone or web browser, and it lists events & venues for the festival – they Festival were told they’d need an app, but in the end, they built a mobile site that works with everything in 24 hours and is easier to maintain, to boot.

Enabled by Design

Enabled by Design takes the dis- out of disabled, by linking designers up with those who have physical disabilities to find & improve attractive, functional devices to help the disabled.


FestaFriend was started by Social Innovation Camp alumni James Baster with help from Sarah Drummond out of Culture Hack Scotland. FestaFriend answers the question “How do I find an interesting person to go to a festival show with?”


We’ll be trying out Cowbird during this event – and we’ll link to it on this blog. Cowbird asks what kinds of stories we can tell using images – and how we can link them together. It was a project put together by one person, and they’re featuring a story a day.

It all starts tomorrow evening

In Nigeria, we’re focusing on support for festivals – the dozen festival organisers are going to go through one of our itch workshops tomorrow afternoon to jump-start the weekend, and then we’re off. We’re excited to see what they come up with – they’ve shown great creativity today already!


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